Today my heart is tender,
And tears are streaming,
My moon is about to begin,
A portal of magic,
And I feel the waters within me,
Stirring and overflowing,

Being a woman in this world,
Is a powerful journey,
And today my tears stream,
For all the ways that the water have been dishonored in the world
For all the ways we – women – have been dishonored in this world

She whom shower the world with streams of endless love from her heart
She who follows the cycles and rhythms in the universe and bring balance into existence
She who holds the codes of flow and evolution
She who can grow and birth life and new worlds into existence

I yearn for a world created by the divine feminine, supported by the divine masculine
I yearn for the balance to return
I yearn to be a woman in full flourish

My water is sacred and magical
From the blood that I shed every month
To the water that house a child in my womb
To the water of life juice flowing from my breasts
To the tears that falls form my eyes

My water heals
My water moves
My water nourish
My water is sacred

This water is here to cleanse and purify the world
This water is here to bring flow back to the world
This water is us – women – here to nourish and grow a world of love

Without the water a ship has nowhere to go
The masculine can not move without the flow of the feminine
And the more he drains her sacred wellspring
The more he drains the world of the life juice and growth

May we teach our daughters about their sacredness
May we reclaim our own in a world that has neglected it
And may we bring back the water and shower the world with the healing streams

Here is my poem “ SHE IS SACRED”🌹

“She is sacred
Her body luscious
She awakens the planet
With her curves and waves
She is liberation
Wild and soft
Free and without limitations

She is sacred
A fountain of life
A chaotic storm untamed
A temple to get lost in
Endlessness of flow
Remembrance of love
Tender to the bone
Dancing to the beating drum of life

She is sacred
Unfolding and blooming
Shaking the world to awaken
Earthquake as her feet meets the soil
Birthing life into existence
Surrendering as she is listening
Bleeding what is no longer needed
Like water she flows

She is sacred
No longer waiting
Worshipped or forsaken
Bringing back beauty and balance
Overflowing with sensation
Dancing and creating
She unfolds for the world to witness
Shower the heart of the earth with love
She rises
She grows
She expands
A gift
A flower

Zoe Johansen

VERTALING door Nicole E. Zonderhuis

Zij is heilig

Weelderig is haar lichaam
haar rondingen en golven
ontwaken de planeet
Zij is bevrijding
Wild en zacht
Vrij en onbeperkt

Zij is heilig
Een fontein van het leven
Een ongetemde storm vol chaos
Een tempel om in te verdwalen
Eindeloze stroom
Herinnering aan liefde
Teder tot op het bot
Dansend op de kloppende trommel van het leven

Zij is heilig
Ze ontvouwt zich, bloeit
Zij schudt de wereld om te ontwaken
Aardbeving als haar voeten de grond raken
Brengt het leven tot bestaan
Geeft zich over terwijl ze luistert
Bloed wat niet langer nodig is
Net als water stroomt ze

Zij is heilig
Zij wacht niet langer
Aanbeden of verlaten
Brengt schoonheid en balans terug
Loopt over van gevoel
Dansend en creërend
Zij ontvouwt zich met de wereld als getuige
Overgiet ze het hart van de aarde met liefde
Zonder te stoppen
Ze staat op
Ze groeit
Ze breidt zich uit
Een geschenk
Een bloem

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