De wond in zusterschap

The Sisterhood Wound:

A woman who is remembering herself to be a Goddess and is reclaiming and renewing her self-confidence doesn’t feel threatened by other women, even those with greater confidence. A woman of true strength and character doesn’t attack another woman out of spite or jealousy to build her own self esteem.

Competition, jealousy, and disrespect in the form of gossip, between women are all symptoms of a patriarchal dis-ease dwelling in our feminine consciousness. It’s a “Sisterhood Wounding” that festers deep within a woman’s psyche due to living in a cultural paradigm that pits woman against woman, fosters competition, and rewards comparison.

Imagine a world where putdowns, gossip, comparisons, etc. are no longer tolerated. A world where these behaviors aren’t deemed cool, tolerable, or a means of relating and aren’t met with acceptance, endorsement or reinforcement as a way of “fitting in” with other women, but instead are understood as expressions of the deep seated fears of separation, abandonment and/or isolation. It is the wound’s cry for help in finding one’s way home… back to the Sisterhood and the Goddess Self.

It’s time to become conscious of the damage that’s being done to the Woman Soul and the global Sister Soul when a woman participates in or silently accepts these wounded behaviors.

It’s time for the Sisterhood Code ~

Mother Ayla

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